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Club Shoots

NOTE: The following is what the club shoot schedule was in 2012.  Once we are back up and running in 2019 a new updated schedule for club shoots will be announced.

Weekend Club Shoots

A weekend Club Shoot is held fortnightly on Sundays.

 Time  Event
8:30 am
50m Prone Target Rifle
8:30 am
50m Bench Rest Rifle
10:45 am
Metallic Silhouette Rifle - Sighting In
11:30 am
Metallic Silhouette Rifle - Start
12:30 pm
Lunch (Sausage Sizzle)
1:00 pm 25m and 50m Pistol Events

Silhouette Night Shoots

A Silhouette shoot is held fortnightly on Friday nights.  Sighting in commences at 6pm, match starts at 7pm.

50m Prone Night Shoots

A Prone shoot is held fortnightly on Tuesday nights.  Shooting commences at 7pm.

Air Rifle and Air Pistol Night Shoots

Air Rifle and Air Pistol shoots are held every Wednesday night.  Start times are at 6pm and again at 7pm.